Verne Dawson

A painter of both fantastical landscapes and the cosmos Verne Dawson weaves the prehistoric past into the present embracing a vast history of some 30,000 years. His work expresses a long held interest in charting the continuities of human nature and culture and the perpetuation of methods of timekeeping through oral and visual traditions. Delving into popular culture his paintings often explore mathematical and astronomical signs in folklore, calendars and astrology. Despite a preoccupation with symbolic reference, Dawson's visual language does not attempt to idealise his subject matter. Rather, his painting style is self-effacing and grounded in the vernacular, offering careful consideration of narrative through composition and detail.

Nude beside the River, 2013
Oil on linen, 254 x x 5 x 274.3 cm 100 x 1.9 x 108 in